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- Product Highlight -


Smart Sync

Sync gas hob with range hood. Upon gas hob ignition, range hood automatically turns on to remove cooking smoke.
*Sync function is only available for gas hob model GEG88201.


Stronger – Brushless Direct-current Inverter (BLDC)

More Powerful, Better Efficiency – The Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor has a maximum static pressure of 990 Pa that handles long and winding air ducts and complicated installation spaces with ease.

Its maximum air flow of 1930m3/h refreshes all the air in a kitchen within 1.5 minutes, at the same time, keeping noise level as low as 42dB.



Closer – Closer Extraction From Cooking Smoke

Closer Extraction – Only 335mm from the stove — almost half the distance of a traditional range hood — the FOTILE X-Series captures cooking smoke straight at the source.

Wide Suction Plate – Its 900mm-wide suction plate intercepts cooking smoke and extracts it before it spreads.

Faster – Cooking Smoke Highway

Rear Extraction Design – The rear extraction design allows the extraction motor to rotate 180°, actively reducing the distance of cooking smoke and extracting it in a straight path.

Nautilus Air Passageway reduces wind resistance and noise. With the 3-point Extraction System, cooking smoke is collected, extracted and removed in a single uninterrupted path.

Smarter – Smart Air Distribution

Intelligent Air Distribution – With a touch of a button, the FOTILE X-Series can focus its extraction power to either side of the hood, depending on where cooking smoke is concentrated. From stewing to stir-frying, the FOTILE X-Series concentrates extraction power to extract cooking smoke while minimizing noise for a more peaceful cooking experience.

Left Power Diverter: Diverts 70% of extraction power to the left side of the hood
Right Power Diverter: Diverts 70% of extraction power to the right side of the hood
When this function is activated, air pressure can increase by up to 50% on either side.



Smart Smotion (Smoke + Motion) Detection

Turn the hood on and off with the wave of a hand

Easy To Clean

All-new filter-free design with glass frame, just wipe to restore it to its original lustre



Low Noise Level

BLDC motor with multiple noise-reduction technologies. Noise level produced is as low as 42dB.

- Specifications -

Type of Motor
Material of hood
Unrestrained airflow (m3/hr)
IEC airflow (m3/hr)
Motor Power (W)
Max Static Pressure (Pa)
Noise Level (dB)
No. of Speeds Fan Control
Illumination Power in LED (W)
Type of hood
Oil Filtration Rate
Odor Reduction Rate
Automatic Turbo System
Smart Smoke and Sound Detection
Intelligent Air Management
Anion Sterilisation
Delay Off Function
Control Mode
Type of Filter
Special Features
Power Supply
Dimension W x D x H (mm)
Brushless DC Inverter Motor with Microchip Technology
90cm wide tempered glass surface
10 W (3 levels – adjustable)
Chimney hood
Touch + Wave
Filter free
Smart Air Diverter
897 x 325 x 1060
Dimensions 32.5 × 89.7 × 1060 cm


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