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Big Ass Fans

We deliver comfort to spaces where comfort seems impossible. Doing it undeniably better than any other company in the world. We serve our clients with passion backed by innovation. We think smarter. We go bigger. We make every space better for people to work safely, perform productively, and live comfortably.

big ass fans


We do what hasn’t been done. We think what hasn’t been thought. Each and every day, we challenge ourselves to be the best by redefining what’s possible. Armed with unrivaled drive and expertise, we engineer products and solutions that set the industry standard for quality and performance. Simply put, we’re in a competition with ourselves.

big ass fans


Comfort isn’t just a word. It’s our mission. It’s the reason we do what we do. As the first to champion the comfort of workers, we remain steadfast in our commitment to their health, safety, and well-being. Every product we engineer, every advancement we make begins with workers in mind. After all, they don’t complain about being uncomfortable with Big Ass Fans on the job.

big ass fans


We engineer the most innovative products on the planet. Products that deliver the best results for our customers. From saving energy and reducing operating costs to optimizing employee performance and productivity, our products succeed where all others fall short. The way we see it, when our customers make money, we make money. It’s the ultimate win-win situation. on the job.

big ass fans


A trusted advisor. A partner in success. An advocate for what’s possible. At Big Ass Fans, we build one-on-one relationships with customers — understanding their unique needs and challenges to help their business run better. With honesty and integrity as our beacon, we not only stand behind our products, we stand for doing what’s right — even at the cost of losing a sale.

big ass fans


A higher form of function. At Big Ass Fans, our products aren’t only engineered for performance, they’re painstakingly crafted for jaw-dropping, head-turning aesthetics. Whether in an industrial, commercial, or residential environment, our products are works of art that are built to work — combining never-before seen beauty with state-of-the-art brain.

industrial Overhead

Industrial Overhead HVLS Fans

Commercial Residential Fans

Commercial / Residential Fans

Directional Fan

Directional Fan


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