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Compact built-in oven that combines traditional and microwave cooking for fast and amazing results
  • Cushioned door closing system – Soft Close
  • Cushioned door closing and opening system – Soft Close & Soft Open
  • Air frying basket for light and tasty food – AirFry


Combination microwave: This oven allows to combine two different ways of cooking (Traditional with microwaves). Combined ovens increase cooking opportunities,while providing maximum flexibility of household appliances. Vapor Clean: a simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity. Compact appliances with a height of 45 cm - perfect solution to meet the functional requirements of kitchen sets of small height. Available in several types and in different styles. Electric
Product Family:Oven
Category:45 cm
Cooking Method:Combi Microwave
Galileo platform:Micro combi
Power supply:Electric
EAN code:8017709331955
Cleaning system:Vapor Clean


Aesthetic:Dolce Stil Novo
Component finish:Copper
Glass Type:Eclipse
Door:Full glass
Handle Colour:Black

Traditional cooking functions

  • Static: Traditional cooking suitable for the preparation of one dish at a time.
The fan is not active and the heat comes from below and from above at the same time.
Static cooking is slower and more delicate, ideal in order to get well cooked and dry dishes even inside.
Ideal for cooking all types of roasts, fatty meats, bread, filled cakes.Static
  • Fan assisted: Intense and homogeneous traditional cooking, also suitable for complex recipes.
The fan is active and the heat comes from below and from above at the same time.
Ventilated cooking ensures a faster and more homogeneous result, leaving fragrant foods outside and moister inside.
Ideal for baked pasta, biscuits, roasts and cobblers.Fan assisted
  • Circulaire: it is the perfect function for cooking all types of dishes in a more delicate way.
The heat comes from the back of the oven and is distributed quickly and evenly
The fan is active. It is also ideal for cooking on multiple levels without mixing smells and flavors.Circulaire
  • ECO: low energy consumption cooking: this function is particularly suitable for cooking on a single shelf with low energy consumption. 
It is recommended for all types of food except those that can generate a lot of moisture (for example vegetables). 
To achieve maximum energy savings and reduce time, it is recommended to put the food in the oven without preheating the cooking compartmentEco
  • Grill: Very intense heat coming only from above from a double heating element.
The fan is not active. Provides excellent grilling and gratinating results.
Used at the end of cooking, it gives a uniform browning to dishes.Large grill
  • Base: the heat comes only from the bottom of the cavity.
The fan is not active. Ideal for sweet and savory pies, cobblers and pizzas. 
Designed to complete cooking and make food more crunchy
This symbol in gas ovens indicates the gas burner.Base
  • Pizza function: Specific function for cooking pizza in a pan.
It allows to obtain a pizza that is soft inside and crispy outside with the topping perfectly cooked, 
not dry and not burnt.Pizza

Microwave functions

  • Microwave: Penetrating straight into the food, microwaves cook very quickly and with considerable energy savings. Suitable for cooking without fat, they are also able to thaw and heat food without altering its original appearance and aroma. The microwave function can also be combined with conventional functions with all the resulting advantages. Ideal for all types of food.Microwave
  • Fan combined with traditional cooking, where heat is generated from above and below, provides uniform heat. Adding the microwave function allows the same cooking results in less time.Fan assisted
  • Cooking with the simultaneous use of the heating element in combination
with fan and microwave supply.Circulaire
  • Microwave + grill element: The use of the grill results in a perfect browning of the surface of the food. The action of microwaves allows instead of cooking in a short time the internal part of the food.Microwave + grill

Other functions

  • Defrost by time: Manual defrost function.
At the end of the set duration, the function stops.Defrost by time
  • Air at 40°C provides the perfect environment for
proving yeast type dough mixes.
Simply select the function and place dough in the
cavity for allottedLeavening
  • Dedicated cooking function for the rectangular refractory stone PPR2 Dimensions Ideal for cooking pizzas with the same results as a 
typical wood-fired oven. Can also be used for baking bread, focaccias and other recipes such as pies, flans or biscuitsStone cooking
  • Dedicated cooking function for the double sided plate BBQ. Suitable for recreating succulent and crispy dishes in the oven with the typical 
taste of grilled cooking. The ribbed side is particularly suitable for meats and cheeses; the smooth side for fish, seafood and vegetables.BBQ
  • Dedicated cooking function for the Air fryer rack AIRFRY . Ideal for recreating traditional frying in the oven, but with fewer calories and less fat. 
It allows you to cook quickly and simply dishes such as French fries, fried vegetables and fish, ensuring perfect browning and crispiness.Air-Fry
  • SABBATH: function that allows to cook food respecting Judaism's day of rest provisions.Sabbath


Time-setting options:Delay start and automatic end cooking
Minute minder:Yes
Showroom demo option:Yes
Rapid pre-heating:Yes
Controls Lock / Child Safety:Yes
Other options:Keep warm, Eco light, Brightness, Tones


Display name:EvoScreen
Display technology:LCD
Temperature control:Electronic
Minimum Temperature:30 °C
Maximum temperature:250 °C
Cavity material:Ever clean Enamel
No. of shelves:3
No. of lights:2
Light type:Halogen
Light Power:40 W
Light when door is opened:Yes
Microwave effective power:800 W
Door opening type:Standard opening
Door:Temperate door
Total no. of door glasses:4
Soft Close hinges:Yes
Soft Open:Yes
Cooling system:Tangential
Microwave screen protection:Yes
Microwave stops when door is opened:Yes
Heating suspended when door is opened:Yes
Lower heating element power:1200 W
Grill element – power:1750 W
Circular heating element – Power:1400 W


Voltage:220-240 V
Nominal power:3300 W
Frequency (Hz):50 Hz
Power supply cable length:150 cm


Dimensions of the product (mm):454x597x548
Net weight (kg):38.800 kg
Gross weight (kg):42.200 kg
Packed width:635 mm
Packaged depth:680 mm
Height (mm) packed:535 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (mm):535X635X680
Type of packaging:Shrinkwrap
Packaging composition – paper & cardboard (kg):0.921 kg
Packaging composition – polystyrene (kg):1.222 kg
Packaging composition – wood (kg):1.088 kg
Packaging composition – plastic (kg):0.215 kg
Weight 42.2 kg


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