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PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST when you STAY AT HOME! Extended exposure to electromagnetic (EM) radiation from smartphones, computers, and other WiFi devices has been linked to cancer and other problems. SAVLINK Electromagnetic Radiation Alleviator reduces EM radiation to protect your long-term health.

Function & Benefit

  • Significantly reduces EM radiation around your computer and other devices on WiFi with a coverage area of 8 square meters*.
  • Eliminate over 95% low, intermediate and high-frequency EM radiation.
  • Radiation clearance range up to 1GHz.
  • Can be used with a variety of devices, such as laptops, desktops, Smart TV, DVD player, and so on.

Technical Specification

MODEL : PL310/ PL311

VOLTAGE : 110 – 240Vac 50 – 60HzMAX. POWER : 1W


DIMENSIONS : 195mm x 195mm x 66mm



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