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The Vintec 5 Pillars of Wine Storage

Vintec wine cabinets recreate the ideal conditions to protect wine for the short or long-term, by strictly adhering to the Vintec 5 Pillars of Wine Storage.

Pillar 1: Stable Temperature

Vintec Wine Cabinets are specially designed to maintain a constant temperature to preserve your wines, keeping them at their best and allowing them to mature steadily.

  1. Adaptive Variable Speed Compressor (VSC)*
  2. Insulated side panels
  3. Double / Triple-glazed doors
  4. Dedicated CE Cellaring mode at 12°C*

*Premium Range



Pillar 2: Humidity above 50%

Vintec Wine Cabinets are specially designed with a self-regulating humidity feature and specially regulated air circulation to maintain high hygrometry levels (above 50%) to preserve corks and prevent your wine from oxidizing while cellaring.


Pillar 3: UV-Proof Dark Storage Area

Vintec Wine Cabinets are specially designed to prevent UV light from affecting your wine. 

  1. UV-resistant tinted and insulated glass doors
  2. Dark interiors
  3. Double / Triple-glazed doors
  4. UV-free LED lighting


Pillar 4: Vibration-Proof Environment

Vintec Wine Cabinets are specially designed to keep all moving parts in suspension, absorbing and reducing to a minimum any vibrations, so that your wines are stored in a protected environment where they can mature steadily.

  1. Low-vibration Variable Speed Compressor*
  2. Vibration-absorbing sliding shelf rails
  3. Vibration-absorbing oak wooden shelves

*Premium Range


Pillar 5: Quality Airflow

Vintec Wine Cabinets are equipped with an efficient air circulation system to ensure a constant, slow flow of filtered air throughout the cabinet to limit any odours from penetrating your wine and mold from growing and damaging labels and corks.


Features & benefits



Scandinavian Design

Vintec products are designed in Denmark and Sweden, with sustainably-sourced premium white oak shelves, fingerprint-proof acid-etched and edge-to-edge glass doors, no protruding handles, minimal touch control panels, signature red bumpers on shelves, and diffused LED lighting throughout.




Stable Temperature

Our wine cabinets maintain a stable temperature to keep your wine in perfect cellaring conditions. This is thanks to the Triple Glazed, UV treated, insulated side panels and interactions between a compressor and thermostat.




Humidity above 50%

Our wine cabinets incorporate a Thermal Recycling Pump that ensures adequate humidity levels are maintained. The Thermal Recycling Pump works by heating condensed water, which is then introduced as humid air within the cabinet.




UV Protected Dark Storage Area

UV rays negatively impact the quality of your wine. Our cabinets eliminate this threat by incorporating UV treated tinted glass doors or solid doors, dark interiors and dimmed internal LED lights.




Vibration Reduction System

To protect the storage life and quality of your wine, our cabinets have been designed to create a vibration proof environment by including an externally housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers and vibration absorbing wooden shelves.




Quality Air Flow

Our cabinets include internal and external fans to ensure there is a slow reticulated air flow throughout the cabinet
LED Digital Display Panel
Energy Efficient R600a Gas


The Vintec Full Experience

Elevate your wine experience

The Vintec Club is a private club for owners of Vintec wine cellars. Purchasing any cellar entitles you to lifetime membership – our way of saying thank you to our discerning and valued customers who invariably love wine. Whether you acquired your wine cabinet today or ten years ago, it would be a pleasure to welcome you as the newest member of our community.


OENO by Vintec App

OENO by Vintec is our virtual cellar management app and personal sommelier developped by Vintec and powered by Vivino.

With OENO, wine lovers can effortlessly keep track of which wines they have, where they are located in their cellar(s) and know how to enjoy them at their best.

Let us show you how we protect your wine.


Wine Cabinet Configuration

Vintec Wine Cabinets can be configured in different ways which will determine how many bottles can be stored. Learn how to optimize your wine cabinet capacity below.


Bottle Placement Guide

Vintec Wine Cabinets’ maximum capacity are expressed in standard bordeaux-shapped bottles. Since most collections are composed of a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes, follow the principles below to best utilize the space inside your cellar

  • Neck-to-neck placement
  • Complementary shapes
  • Stacking for cellaring
  • Stacking for accessibility
*Shelf illustration depicts a generic shelf as layouts vary depending on the product model. Nonetheless, same principles for storing and stacking apply to all Vintec products.

If your wine cabinet has flexible shelving, reducing the number of shelves and stacking bottles will increase the capacity of your wine cabinet.




  • Main Function : Cellar Reds & Whites
  • Alternate Function : Serve Reds OR Whites
  • No of Zones : 1
  • Temperature Range Zone 1 (deg) : 5 – 18
  • Temperature Range Zone 2 (deg) : N/A
  • Temperature Range Zone 3 (deg) : N/A
  • Door Construction : Triple Glazed, UV treated
  • Installation Type : Slot-in
  • Domestic WarrantySG : 1
  • Warranty ExtensionsSG : 12 mths for VC members
  • Product Installation : Built-In or Freestanding
  • Easy Capacity (Bottles) : 40
  • Max Capacity (Bottles) : 50
  • Handle : Recessed
  • Door Type : Glass Door
  • Finish : Brushed Aluminium


  • Height (mm) : 820
  • Width (mm) : 595
  • Depth (mm) : 573
  • Joinery cut out dimension- minimum h : 830
  • Joinery cut out dimension- minimum w : 615
  • Joinery cut out dimension- minimum d : 555
  • Air space above cabinet (mm) : 10
  • Air space at sides (mm) : 20
  • Rear Spacer (mm) : 30


  • Electricity Consumption (kWh/Day) : 0.397
  • Ambient Temperature (deg) : 5-43
  • Refrigerant : R600a


  • Lock : No
  • Alarm : None
  • Display Panel : LED Digital Display
  • Internal Heater : No
  • Number of Shelves : 5
  • Shelving Material : Wood
  • Shelving Type : 4 Full, 1 Half
  • Lighting : White LED


  • Hinge : Right
  • Range Name : Allure
  • Zones Denomination : Single-Zone
  • UV Treated : Yes
  • Cut Off Thermostat :Yes
  • Air Filter No
  • Adjustable Shelves : Yes
  • Sliding Shelves Type : Standard glide rails, partial extension
  • BodyFinish : Black
  • Reversible : Yes by customer; charges apply for service
  • OppositeHingingPC : N/A
  • Light Position : Top


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